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If you have a very specific need or big gnarly problem you are wanting to address and would like to discuss a customized project, we would love to hear from you. Tell us what’s on your mind and we will schedule a call to chat about how we can help.

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Our custom kits

+ 1. Practice Group Power-Up

So, you have a strategic plan for your team, but how do you get it off the ground and sky-rocketing into the stratosphere?

We've created a four-hour facilitated session for up to 30 participants, aimed specifically at practice groups that can augment, amplify, and accelerate their competitive advantage - meaning play to win! We might be able to even help you shape your strategy a bit along the way.

This is about defining the message, gaining focus, mapping a plan, and creating momentum.

+ 2. Executive Committee RoundTable

Working "in the business" constantly zaps your time and energy to work "on the business." The demand for your attention is endless and relentless. We understand more than most what challenges and stresses leadership teams experience, which is why we run the most effective EC Roundtables.

This is an all-day event, but the work actually starts well before we walk into the room. Since these meetings don't happen often, we make the most of them and individually interview each board member to gain a clearer understanding of individual and group objectives and perspectives. We use this insight to structure a fresh outlook and generate constructive dialogue within the group. The meeting includes a robust facilitated process where organizational direction and strategic beliefs are challenged, and pragmatic new solutions are provided. The clarity you gain will be addictive.

+ 3. Innovation On-Ramp

OMG the noise!! "Change. Disruption. Innovation. AI. New this. Shiny that." It is all too much. Besides you have more important things to focus on like actual client work and being a lawyer. But you are still curious. You want to get a sense of what market opportunities and challenges are out there. You just don't have the time nor the energy to follow all the latest and greatest. You need a curated collection of things that matter and a brief introduction to all that is actually happening in the market. We have just the thing.

This is a two-hour fast-paced easily-digestible journey into the realm of legal innovation. This is perfect for groups focused on innovation or organic growth. We help you understand just what innovation is, how it can happen, and what some of the more interesting and fundamental developments are in the market. This is not just about technology; actual innovation seldom is. This is about how technology, processes, business models, talent, and experiences are being reimagined, reengineered and remixed to create something new that clients are buying or using. And, most importantly, how you might use this information within your own organization to design and channel your innovation efforts.

+ 4. BrightBox Innovation Program

Taking a cue from Adobe, the leading software company for the creative industry, we have adapted their famed RedBox Innovation program into one suited for the legal market. This organizational program focuses on creating growth and powering innovation. It's a step-by-step process for driving energy and activity into new ideas for legal services, products and business models. It's a framework accessible to everyone with the intent to accelerate growth of both traditional and non-traditional legal service models. It is also designed to be inclusive, meaning every employee can get involved if they so choose. Think of it as an innovation accelerator in a box.

This is not so much a workshop as it is a movement. We tailor the length and scope based on your goals, so it can be a 90-day program or a 12-month program. We cannot guarantee that you will become the Apple of legal services, but we can guarantee high levels of employee engagement, energy, and value. And yes, you this is one of the surest ways to find the next big idea or a handful of good ideas that make a mark.

+ 5. Innovation Sprint

This is a "Shark Tank" style session that runs your team through a vigorous exercise of identifying key objectives for new ideas for the business, from marketing plans through design. Teams ideate around each objective and present ideas back to the whole group and the Shark Tank (individuals from the leadership team who will help fund or drive the initiative).

This entertaining session gets your team working together to build ideas and rollouts for new product plans or business directions. Each part of the process is managed by the Bold Duck facilitators and all presentations are scrutinized by your leadership team, ending with selecting an idea to implement.

You'll leave with new ideas for your business, built by your newly-galvanized team and starting with total buy-in.

+ 6. Get Off Go Innovation Workshop

Are you spinning your wheels trying to get started on something big? Struggling to gain consensus on the path forward? Experiencing fits in starts and stops? This condition is not uncommon in the life of busy professionals where the day-to-day gets in the way. But we have the antidote.

Our two-day workshop is for teams that are serious about taking control of the disruptions and getting focused on clearing a path forward to BUILD new business models and capabilities or to RENOVATE an existing ecosystem to become the best version of themselves. We get you off of go!

This is a boot camp style approach that requires complete commitment from the team and guarantees an articulated action-based plan that will significantly increase the chances of success. We know because we have done it many times, not just this training, but the actual innovating. And trust us, the ingredients of success are not what you think they are. Good news is, you will know them and be already using them coming out of this program.

The race for talent is on. LPM is on the rise again and firms and inhouse teams are frantically searching for capable and experienced project managers. In the meantime, you already have needs and are hoping whoever you hire will be able to stand up a new team and capability. Good luck finding that unicorn.

Kim Craig is hands-down the most legitimate, experienced, and capable legal project manager in the biz. She created the industry's first LPM team and has shape-shifted to meet (and exceed) client and partner expectations. She knows what it takes to be successful both as the LPM personally but also for an organization to adapt and leverage this powerful tool.

This Fast Start 30 -day program equips the right stakeholders with the practical knowledge and best practices vital to jump starting an LPM team to function inside your organization.

+ 8. Lean By Design Labs + yellow belt certification

Seriously, what is value? You know you have the right legal capabilities and prowess. And your team is enthused to deliver excellent client service. Yet, you have a sense that success is being defined by more than just legal and business outcomes. And while those are extremely important, it is clear there is something more that clients desire. But what the heck is it?

You already know the answer. It is value. That crisply defined, clearly understood concept that ... well actually, it is anything but clear and crisp. We feel your pain. Both clients and providers are struggling to define this. We may not know your exact definition, but we know something that many don't … how to actually make value happen. For real. And we won't just show you, better yet, we equip you to do it too. Long after you have paid us, and we are gone, you and your team will be defining value around every corner. You will be value-finding savants.

Our Lean By Design labs get your hands and brain using proven visual tools, processes, and adaptable methods that uncover where teams are under-delivering and creating missed connections that accumulate to erode the client experience. We have an insanely effective process that lawyers and business professionals easily grasp and pick up in no time. While it takes years of practice to become an expert, it only takes a day with us to become a capable practitioner.

+ 9. Making It Stick

How easy are you to do business with? This is the most important question any business can ask itself. At first it appears to be a rather simple question. Upon answering it though, many lawyers struggle to both appreciate what is actually being asked as well as the implications of the honest answer. In today's economy, experience matters. This is not the experience of the lawyer, such as number of years practicing, areas of practice, or wins/losses. It is the experience of the client in terms of every interaction they have with you, your services, and your firm. It is about their journey from beginning to end. In today's economy (B2C and B2B), experience is the driving force behind the success or failure of any business, including law firms.

In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn to capture, examine, and redesign the client experience. Using the Service Blueprint as the main tool, we will demonstrate how every service consists of a front-end (the client experience) and a back-end (the work being done). This tool combines elements of Lean Six Sigma as well as Design Thinking and participants will gain an understanding of how each of these disciplines can better equip their firms to win more business, keep employees engaged, and provide better experiences overall.


Let's get one thing straight

We aren’t consultants. We’re not in the business of packaging Blah Blah Blah and slapping a fat price tag on it.

We’re intrapreneurs, which means we are managers within a company who promote and execute innovative and highly-productive development. The key word there is "within." Any client we work with is more than just a client to us. Our clients are our company, which means we don’t win unless they win.

And, we have a track record to prove this. We’ve designed and built out innovative and streamlined service models that have generated well over $20 million in annual revenue for multiple BigLaw entities.